Not Too Late

Norah's much anticipated follow up to 2004's Feels Like Home.

"Thinking About You" was written back in 1999 with Ilhan Ersahin of Wax Poetic when Norah was playing with the band. "That song has always been in the back of my mind," says Norah. "I always thought of it as too much of a pop song for me, I thought maybe someone else could record it, and we even tried to do a version of it for the last album, but it sounded too country-rock. It's nice to know that we've finally found a way to make it work.

1. Wish I Could
2. Sinkin' Soon
3. The Sun Doesn't Like You
4. Until the End
5. Not My Friend
6. Thinking About You
7. Broken
8. My Dear Country
9. Wake Me Up
10. Be My Somebody
11. Little Room
12. Rosie's Lullaby
13. Not Too Late

Lee Alexander - Bass, Producer, Bowed Bass, Mixing, Lap Steel Guitar, Pizzicato
Andrew Borger - Cymbals, Drums, Marimba, Pans, Pots
Kevin Breit - Mandolin
Paul Bryan - Keyboards
José Antonio Dávila - Tuba
Larry Goldings - Organ, Organ (Hammond)
Devin Greenwood - Organ (Hammond)
Jesse Harris - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitjo
J. Walter Hawkes - Trombone
Norah Jones - Guitar (Acoustic), Piano, Vocals, Mellotron, Organ (Pump), Wurlitzer
Richard Julian - Vocals
Julia Kent - Cello, Pizzicato
Adam Levy - Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Chuck MacKinnon - Trumpet
Tony Mason - Drums
Bill McHenry - Sax (Tenor)
Robbie McIntosh - Guitar (Electric)
Daru Oda - Vocals, Whistle (Human)
Tony Scherr - Guitar (Electric)
Tom Schick - Engineer, Mixing
Rob Sudduth - Sax (Tenor)
M. Ward - Vocals
Jeffrey Zeigler - Cello